Hello, again.

My oh my how time flies.

I feel like this is something I’ve done before. Oh, wait, it is. This is the like fifth time I’ve attempted to start a blog on my domain. This time, though, since I’ve got a good job, which comes with the advantage of money, I can actually afford a web host. What’s this mean for me? Well, it’s simple: It means I can focus more on actually learning the in’s and out’s of WordPress instead of making sure that my server is secure, that it’s up, that everything’s installed correctly, and that I don’t screw up the server bad enough that I don’t know how to fix it and I’ve got to re-install everything.

I have decided to go with Dream Host as they are reliable, useable, and affordable. Plus, they offered me a pretty good deal.

I think I’ve got a few of my old posts somewhere that I may convert to Markdown and beam up to the blog (Sorry, I’m watching Startrek as I write this) so that, uh, at least I don’t lose them, I guess.

I do hope to ramble on a little bit about the intersection between accessibility and useability, as well as highlight other stuff around that. Oh, uh, and to learn stuff. So there is that. Speaking of learning, this was not at all a test to see if I got markdown working. Nope. :).

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